Clitheroe Methodist Circuit

Whalley Methodist Church 

Booking a room

We have three separate spaces which can be reserved.  These are as follows:

The Church Sanctuary

Whalley Sanctuary 1This can be configured with Whalley Sanctuary 2chairs in rows or with the chairs pushed back to provide a large space as in these photos.  It is carpeted.

The Hall

Whalley Large Hall 1

Whalley Large Hall 3

This large space can be set out with tables and chairs or left as an open space.  It has kitchen access and a hardwood floor.

Pendle Room

Whalley Small HallThis space can take around 35 Whalley Small Hall 2chairs in rows or can be left as an open space.  It is carpeted and has a large screen on the wall with internet access. It has direct kitchen access and can be entered via a separate entrance if the main hall is in use.

Currently we have good availability in all our spaces in the afternoons on all weekdays (until 4pm or 5pm) and on Friday mornings; the Pendle Room is available in the mornings on Wednesdays and Fridays and the Sanctuary is available in the morning on Wednesdays and Fridays. There is limited availability in the evenings.  Click this link to see our online diary.  

For further information about availability and hourly rates, click on this link to send an email.