Clitheroe Methodist Circuit


Being a member of the Methodist Church means that you can hold certain responsibilities in the church eg. steward, pastoral visitor, local preacher.  Only members can be on the church council or be elected to the circuit meeting, district synod or the Methodist Conference. When you become a member, a pastoral visitor will visit you and offer spiritual support, encouragement and challenge.

No. Methodists believe that Holy Communion is itself a means of grace which may draw you on to make a further commitment to Christ. Children may also receive communion.

Talk to one of our ministers. There may be a group of others you can join to discuss and question about membership and aspects of church.  It is important that you have the chance to explore your own questions about Christian faith and the particular witness of faith that is offered in the Methodist church. If after the time of preparation you still want to be confirmed and received into membership, then a service  will be arranged for this to take place. 

The service of confirmation and reception into membership includes two questions of faith: Do you turn away from evil and all that denies God? and Do you turn to God, trusting in Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour and in the Holy Spirit as your helper and guide?  Answering 'By the grace of God I do' to both. Everyone present also affirms their belief and trust in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The new members are also asked to make three promises: 'Will you commit to the Christian life of worship and service, and be open to the renewing power of God?  Will you seek the strength of God's Spirit as you accept the cost of following Jesus Christ in you daily life? and Will you witness, by word and deed, to the good news of God in Christ and so bring glory to God?'  The response to each of these is 'With God's help I will.' 

Every member of the Methodist Church receives a membership ticket at least once a year. This is signed by your minister and gives the details of your pastoral visitor. It is a reminder of what you have taken on as a committed member of the Church.

For further information please see The calling of  The Methodist Church